Halloween Wedding Cakes

Making The Wedding Cake Of Your Life 


halloween wedding cakesHalloween wedding cakes make up a monument of a Halloween wedding. It becomes the center of attraction and defines how much the couple has well prepared the wedding. It serves as a sweet reminder of the couple’s sincere and loving vow to stay together through thick and thin, in sickness and in health till death do they part. Halloween wedding cakes can be taxing to design but the over all joy and fulfillment rivals the money and effort required to finish the wedding symbol. As theme inspired wedding cakes are unique in different manners, let us go through an over view about preparing a theme wedding cake and particularly Halloween wedding cakes.

 Consider the theme of the wedding the wedding cake design should coincide with the theme of the wedding. A summer inspired wedding cake will logically not correlate with a Halloween wedding theme. It would be a disaster and laughing matter to see a summer inspired cake in a Halloween inspired wedding.

Second, the design and colors of the wedding cake should be catchy and attention grabbing for the guests. A Halloween wedding itself hearing it by the name is already curiosity provoking, much more Halloween wedding cakes. The colors usually used are for gothic themes. Red, black, orange, green and purple make up the colors of a Halloween wedding cake. These colors are often used for bloody skeletons, bloody eyes of Dracula, ogres, halloween wedding cakesFrankenstein’s complexion, grinning pumpkins, witches, fallen trees and castles.

Halloween wedding cakes designs surely are a hit for children and guests with great fond of Halloween memories and experiences. For example, a couple of skeleton bride and groom in a black cake, two skulls smiling representing the bride and groom and a depiction of couple vampires mimic the unconventional and extraordinary interest of the couple. Same goes with pumpkin designs, gremlins under the cake, haunted castles with werewolves howling on top with crows by the side, mausoleum on top of a hill, ghost cake with blood shot eyes, bat cakes with a molded large bat, dragon or any large creepy bird of any kind a top the cake and many other designs.


Halloween wedding cakes though, doesn’t have to be extravagant or grand of any kind. A simple haunted castle or design will do for couples who don’t have enough budgets. You may want to take a short research and take a glimpse on gothic architectural design for wedding cakes. Cakes may vary in size as some have one layer, two layers, three layers, four layers, five layers and some may extend to ten or twelve layers.
 The designs I’ve mentioned are just listed made and original ideas I have enumerated to help you in designing your own Halloween wedding cake. You may combine them, pick one among the designs or simply make your own.

halloween wedding cakes

Brainstorm and browse at images to come up with a unique design. Halloween wedding cakes, to sum it up its attractiveness and it’s expressing force to deliver the real theme of the wedding relies on the details of the cake. 










Cake images courtesy of http://www.beau-coup.com/blog



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